Welcome to LiquidIO, our awesome web hosting platform.  We’re still working behind the scenes to develop the absolute best web hosting platform for WordPress.  We’re firm believers in having the best, cheapest and fastest WordPress hosting deals around but we’re not going to roll our new services out until we know we can offer the best deals for a really reasonable price with great customer support and slammin’ deals on great, premium WordPress themes.Now, in the mean time, we’ve found a bunch of great themes you may want to take a long look at.  Please bookmark this page because we’re going to be back with some incredible deals on WordPress hosting and you’re not going to want to miss them.

We’ve partnered with a new WordPress theme maker called ThemeIt to help offer you some of the best themes around at really reasonable prices.  Just select one, then install it on your LiquidIO hosting account.  It’s just that simple.
Some of these themes are free, some are premium.  Here’s the list of free themes available at ThemeIt, so please feel free to download one of those themes to see if it’s something you may want to use on your LiquidIO hosting account.

If you’re into bbPress and BuddyPress, we’ve got a nice looking collection of those themes here, ThemeIt’s collection of BuddyPress Themes and Online Communities.  We get the importance of a great looking theme if you’re looking to build a big, functional online community.

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