Delicious Restaurants in My Area

I’ve been so starved today, looking for a great restaurant to eat at.  I’m thinking about maybe hitting one of the restaurants on this list from eater.

Check out this excerpt.

It’s time to update the Eater 38, the list of highly elite restaurants that define what it means to eat in Portland. The Eater 38 encompasses the entire city, spans myriad cuisines, and collectively satisfies all of your restaurant needs, whether you’re looking to drop serious cash or to magically transform a few bucks into a meal.

As happens every three months, some places must depart and new restaurants must be added to the 38; here they are with a brief explanation of why:

  • Biwa returns to the Eater 38. With such hefty Japanese-inspired competition, Kayo’s Ramen Bar departs.
  • Mi Mero Mole‘s Mexican dishes bring lovingly researched twists to what some might call the classic taco and burrito, earning it a spot on the 38. And while you can never really have too much Mexican food, Xicomust step off to let those guisados shine.

The Eater 38 includes only one restaurant by any one owner, chef, or restaurant group, for the most part. Additionally, it highlights outstanding restaurants in a variety of dining genres, whether Mexican restaurants, Pacific Northwest cooking, or sandwiches. Finally, because many Portland restaurants are opening further away from city center, the Eater 38 works to feature restaurants across the city’s many neighborhoods.

For something else to chew on.


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