Storyteller WordPress Personal Blog Theme


Storyteller Blog Theme

It may be stating the obvious, but writers are not designers.  Okay, okay, yeah, that’s pretty obvious now that I typed it out.  So, sue me.  Anyway, the point is, in order to dedicate yourself fully to your craft, a WordPress theme that is ready to head straight out of the box might help. That theme might be Storyteller.  That’s because Storyteller is the kind of feature rich personal blogging theme that’s got so many features, it’s so user friendly and so customizable, you’ll be blogging with it in no time flat.

Storyteller has pruned Virtually every piece of superfluous functionality, leaving only the absolute essentials you will need to tell your own story. Aside from the choice of 3 layouts, there’s little else available. Nonetheless, exactly what does remain is superbly presented. In general, each element combines perfectly.
Functionality, so it is ideal for those who wish to get on with the work of writing without getting bogged down in design.

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