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Theme It has posted a review of San Jose, Tech Startup and App Launching Pad

Do you know the way to San José?  It’s pretty easy, just head south to the bottom of this post, we’ve got a handy link to find out more information, though you’re going to find plenty of info in this comprehensive review of the San José WordPress theme.

So many of these themes are named for song lyrics from the 1960’s or for cities in California.  (We just reviewed San Francisco here, it’s a nice theme too.)  This one, kind of both.  But I get the name here, it’s San José, the high tech capitol of the world, the place where the Silicon Valley starts and ends.  The San José WordPress theme is all about promoting applications, software and even products.  In a nutshell, San José is about SaaS.  (Software as a service – don’t feel bad, I had to look it up too.)  Let’s take a look at some of the handy dandy designs and features.

There are over a dozen demo looks to the San José theme, each one is clean and styled just a little differently.

I guess maybe this is the ‘vanilla’ style for San José.  It’s a home image for applications and software sales.

Here’s a style hyping the mobile friendly nature of your application.  Take it on the run!  Speaking of mobile friendly themes, I just reviewed a theme called Blanco, it’s mobile friendly and a real looker, great for resumé sites.

And for promoting hard goods, there’s this product pitch page. Maybe a website like this would have helped the Coolest Cooler out?  Haha, probably not.

And there are a bunch more designs to choose from.  Some page demos use video, others use a static image, some have a subscribe call to action, perfect for pre-launch when you’re still gathering up an email list before you drop your awesome app on the web store.  Some use a slider, some have a parallax feature.  They all have the same Bootstrap based code, simple and modern style and they’re all easy to use.  So, responsive, sixteen home pages and 20+ additional pages total, pages like multiple About Us pages, features detail pages, FAQs, contact pages, portfolios, post details and more.

It’s intense.

Here’s how the theme maker, Fox Themes, describes San José

Modern design that has awesome UI/UX. It is designed to increase your conversion rate. An amazing layout gives engaging experience for visitors.

Powerful features help to create a lasting impression on your visitors. These exceptional tools help you to stand out from the crowd. San José provides a wide array of usable & flexible features which is a fun to use in itself.

Sigh, this is another Visual Composer theme, but I won’t hold that against this one.  I checked the Pingdom speed checker just to make sure of what I thought I was seeing with this theme.

San José Pingdom Speed Test

Yep, it’s pretty slow.  A heavy amount of requests too.  I’m not hugely impressed, though some of that has to do with a couple mistakes Fox Themes made in setting the theme up.  But hey, you live, you learn.  Hopefully you learn anyway.

With that, we’re done with our review of San José.  Hope you enjoyed it, check back often for more great WordPress reviews.

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Theme It has posted a review of Ridgewood, Touch and Swipe Enabled App Portfolio Theme

masonry grid portfolio template collection

This simple looking theme, called Ridgewood, is a little bit deceptive.  What do I mean by deceptive?  Well, while it looks like a very simple, plain and almost boring theme, it’s actually a very powerful and feature filled theme that packs a ton of amazing features to help make your web-mastering a fun and easy experience.
Built for portfolios specifically, Ridgewood is ideal for showcasing your application development work.  With a clean, modern theme like Ridgewood, it’s easy to make that first impression that will last a lifetime.
I love the tiled grid look that Ridgewood brings to the table.  I love that I always confuse the name with Billy Rosewood, from Beverly Hills Cop.  I love a minimalist design like the one you see here.  I love the swipe and touch enabled design that helps bring your content into the 21st century.  This really is a modern theme that’s well appointed and it can be yours for just $49, which is a very reasonable price these days.
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Ridgewood is part of our collection of powerful portfolio WordPress themes.

For more great and powerful WordPress themes, we’ve got some collections for you to consider.

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Appdev is a theme that allows you to build a figurative launching pad to rocket your new application, iPhone, iPad or Android apps.  This theme is amazing.  This one page theme for mobile app developers, allows you to showcase your latest amazing creations.  Whether it’s a tool or a game, you can highlight the fun and features of your application.  Appdev was built on a clean, modular framework, and it offers up a lot of features that you can leverage to construct the site you want to construct.  SiteOrigin is the page builder behind the scenes, allowing you access to over thirty custom page builder elements and widgets, that make it easy to configure your website and power it up with the features you need to hype your app.  Appdev provides you a way to create a unique website that allows your users easy navigation and clear calls to action.


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Bivio is a professionally designed, premium WordPress theme that is ready for you to add content for your next website or product launch.  It’s just that simple.  This is truly a nicely crafted, desirable, slick and modern Bootstrap coded WP theme to help you develop the site of your desires. This design is powerful, it has been constructed with every type of user at heart, from rookie to professional. With the hottest Bootstrap CSS and HTML, this minimalist WordPress theme is amazing for web-sites and companies of any variety, given that this template is a very powerful and fun multi-use template, suited to almost everyone. Despite the fact that you may be are a novice to the WordPress CMS, you can use this website theme to make a cool and fascinating online business fast, because just about every thing in this theme may be edited, even by first time WordPress consumers. It does not make any difference exactly what articles you might have, from photos to articles, merchandise and anything else, this WordPress theme allows you to produce a great looking theme on whatever electronic device, since it really is perfectly responsive as well. There are numerous other functions that will help grow listeners and genuinely thrill them.

Bivio is so smart, it sets up extremely fast and there are numerous plugins it’s possible to employ to provide you with brand-new attributes for your web blog. An absolutely responsive designed web-site is essential, which is why this good-looking, adaptable template has been produced to be responsive, so that it appears awesome on any sort of computer or device, no matter what. You are able to promptly build your own personalized design variations using this beautiful theme, because it’s incredibly versatile and dynamic, properly constructed and designed in each and every way. This is an absolutely amazing Bootstrap theme that you need to unquestionably evaluate.


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Beginners or experienced website owners who crave simplicity will love the one-click installation. Just another click and you can launch any number of the demo pages ready for your textual or graphic content. Take some more time to explore the vast array of layouts, tools, plugins and creative features to help you create exactly the online presence you want. With more than 45 different widgets, the Dikka WP theme can be customized more than you imagined. All of these widgets and elements are 100% responsive due to the Bootstrap framework brought to the internet development world by Twitter. Site visitors will be stunned by the attractive pages no matter what size monitor they view.