WordPress Themes Foodie Pro, Genesis Framework Recipe and Food Blog Theme Food, Genesis, Recipe

Theme It has posted a review of Foodie Pro, Genesis Framework Recipe and Food Blog Theme

Foodie Pro - Premium WordPress Theme foodiepro.com

This theme is called Foodie Pro, it’s a Genesis Framework child theme that is easy to use, great for SEO and it’s got a lovely, simple, minimalist style too.  With Foodie Pro, your website is going to look amazing for every one of your readers, thanks to the responsive design.  Clean and sleek, feature filled and beginner friendly, Genesis Framework child themes help you establish your website quickly and efficiently.

Foodie Pro offers six layout options, custom headers, featured images, it’s translation ready and plenty more.

For more minimalist themes, check out our collection of over 40 great looking, sleek and modern minimalist templates.

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WordPress Themes Maker Pro, Creative Agency and Genesis Child Theme Agency, Blog, Creative, Genesis, Portfolio

Theme It has posted a review of Maker Pro, Creative Agency and Genesis Child Theme

Maker Pro WordPress Blog Theme

Maker Pro is a wonderful theme for just about any kind of creative pursuit, from blog writers to graphic designers, novelists to photographers, the Maker Pro theme is, simply put, a gorgeous theme that presents your work in a professional and creative manner.  Readability and usability.  That’s ultimately what a great WordPress theme can help you achieve and Maker Pro gets the job done very, very well.  A powerful Genesis Framework child theme like Maker Pro is totally filled with features that make your site great and since Maker Pro is completely responsive, it will look incredible on any browser, any kind of mobile device and it works great for all kinds of creative sites.  Maker Pro is great for anyone in any creative field, particularly if you don’t want to have to mess around with coding, since the entire theme is flexible enough to change the look with just a few clicks.

The Maker Pro WordPress Genesis Framework Theme includes the following functionality:

  • Custom Header
  • HTML5 Markup
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Theme Customizer
  • Theme Options
  • Translation Ready
  • Layout Options

And that’s just for starters.  This theme is responsive, beautiful, easy to edit and rock solid, with great SEO and load speeds that are blazing fast.  I think it’s an all around winner of a WordPress theme.  Maker Pro is a fantastic pick for a wide variety of websites, we’ve seen some stunning stuff out there, to be honest.  So, whether you’re looking for a WordPress personal blog theme or a great looking WordPress portfolio template, Maker Pro is one of the best choices there is.  We hope you enjoy it.

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WordPress Themes Hello Pro, Genesis Framework Personal Branding Theme Genesis, Portfolio, vCard

Theme It has posted a review of Hello Pro, Genesis Framework Personal Branding Theme

Hello Pro Personal Branding Theme for WordPress

Hello Pro is an awesome looking resumé and personal branding theme, it’s a wonderful way to present your skills, your experience and your own personal brand.  Ultimately, a WordPress theme can be a great calling card and if you pick a great one like Hello Pro, you’re absolutely certain to make an outstanding first impression.  With Hello Pro, you get an amazing Genesis Framework theme that helps achieve your goals of presenting your skills and resume with a high degree of professionalism.  Hello Pro offers multiple page layouts as well as multiple post layouts, you can change pretty much any setting on the theme from fonts to colors to more.  For branding yourself, branding a small agency, creating an awesome curriculum vitae site or for personal blogging, Hello Pro is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to a wider audience.

More awesome features for this theme include…

  • 3 layout options
  • custom header
  • featured images
  • HTML5 markup
  • mobile responsive
  • theme customizer
  • theme options
  • translation ready

Like all Genesis Framework WordPress themes, Hello Pro is completely responsive and you can easily customize this theme to look and feel just the way you want it.  Select a custom page template and customize it with the live theme customizer.  There are three widget areas that you can utilize to add custom functions and features and this theme is also fluid, responsive and looks fantastic on all screen sizes.

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WordPress Themes Slush Pro, Minimalist WooCommerce Blog Theme for the Genesis Framework Genesis, Minimalist, WooCommerce

Theme It has posted a review of Slush Pro, Minimalist WooCommerce Blog Theme for the Genesis Framework

ZigZag Press WordPress minimalist Theme

This is Slush Pro.  What kind of name is that?  Well, I have no idea, but Slush Pro is a nicely styled, minimalist WordPress blog theme that could be useful for somebody looking for a feature filled, minimalist blog theme with several style variants, layouts, columns and other features.  Slush Pro is made by ZigZag Press for the Genesis framework, it’s a really powerful WordPress theme framework that comes with tons of great features to help make blogging easy and lucrative, thanks to it’s powerfully optimized SEO capabilities.

Some of the leading features of Slush Pro include.

  • custom header
  • featured images
  • HTML5 markup
  • mobile responsive
  • theme customizer
  • theme options
  • translation ready

And tons more.  Sell products with WooCommerce, access this theme on any sort of mobile device, thanks to it’s inherent responsiveness.  Add widgets to any of ten different widgetized areas, allowing for more features, more branding and more everything.  Slush Pro allows for tons of customizations so if the premade simple, minimalist design isn’t what you had in mind, you can change color schemes, fonts and content, seeing every change you make in real time.  That’s what a live customizer is all about.  There are custom page templates, customizable header and much more.

ZigZag Press has thought of everything.

Capture your reader’s attention and turn them into a customer for life with a highly intuitive design, perfectly marrying marketing and marketplace, using the Slush Pro blog to express your thoughts and feelings.  WooCommerce is so flexible, so dynamic and has so many optional extensions and addons, it’s a wonder anybody uses any other free eCommerce shopping cart for WordPress.

All in all, Slush Pro is a well rounded multipurpose WordPress Genesis Framework child theme that could be an ideal choice for your business or personal blog.

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If you’d like to see more minimalist WordPress themes, try this collection.  Or if WooCommerce is what you have in mind, we’ve got a collection of WooCommerce capable themes to choose from.  No matter which way you go, one of these themes will work great for your needs.

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WordPress Themes Refined Pro, Feminine WordPress Blog and eCommerce Theme Blog, Feminine, Genesis, WooCommerce

Theme It has posted a review of Refined Pro, Feminine WordPress Blog and eCommerce Theme

refined pro wordpress feminine blogging theme

This is Refined Pro, a great looking, feminine WooCommerce ready blog theme for the Genesis Framework.  This child theme allows you to make any changes you’d like to make to the actual child theme itself, not to the parent theme.  That means that when WordPress decides to update to a new version, or StudioPress updates Genesis itself, your site won’t break.  That’s peace of mind, right?

Refined Pro is great for entrepreneurs, it’s a timeless classic with clean layout, resounding features, a delicate, feminine design and a massive amount of features that are smooth, straightforward and effortless to use.

The feminine style is practically bursting from the pages but if you find that this theme isn’t exactly what you want, maybe you’d be interested in our collection of feminine WordPress themes.  We’ve helped thousands of people find the right theme over the years and we really hope we can do the same thing for you.

Refined pro feminine WordPress blogging theme

If you’re a lifestyle blogger, you run a personal blog or any kind of blog for that matter, Refined Pro feminine WordPress blogging theme is a great choice for your site.  There are many, many ways you can customize your site with the theme options panel.  Get started customizing today, it’s really a breeze.  The theme customizer lets you adjust and fiddle with the colors, content, fonts and other settings.  With customizable headers, you’ll have control over what is shown at the top of your pages.  WooCommerce and any other kind of eCommerce is also supported, so you can set up an online store using WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Sell Media or other great plugins.  Six awesome widget areas make for tons of feature flexibility and since this theme is responsive, it looks amazing on all devices and all browsers.

Here are a couple of examples of what people have used this theme to accomplish.

Shepherd Boy Farms is about farm to table goat.  Great use of images and the layout really works for this kind of a small shop, so WooCommerce really works to allow Shepherd Boy Farms to sell their products.  For more WooCommerce themes, you might want to check out this collection.



And this is a blog by Esther Hughes, it’s about living inspired, I guess she’s sort of a life coach.  Anyway, the site looks amazing and you can see what the potential could be for a lifestyle blog.

esther hughes live inspired and shine


Lovely looking sites, both of them.  I think you can see that there are a lot of potential uses for this theme.  We’d love to see what you come up with if you decide to use Refined Pro.

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WordPress Themes Simply Pro, Clean, Minimalist Blog and Portfolio Theme Blog, Genesis, Minimalist, Portfolio

Theme It has posted a review of Simply Pro, Clean, Minimalist Blog and Portfolio Theme

Simply Pro WordPress minimalist Themes

By taking advantage of the Genesis Framework, Simply Pro becomes a powerful way for you to have your very own professional blog site.  Simply Pro is incredibly modern, it’s a trendsetting design that a lot of very highly respected bloggers have chosen to use for their own sites.  Now, you can too.

This template is minimalist, it’s modern and attractive, it’s ideal for nearly any kind of blog since it’s so simple to look at, just a little bit of your own styling, from logos to colors to typefacce choices, and you’ve got a completely custom look for your site.  A lot of folks wonder what they should look for in a great minimalist WordPress theme?  Well, you need a simple, clean and efficient design, for one thing.  But the features have to be there too, from epically clean code to compatibility with a range of popular plugins that help extend your site’s functionality.

And with Simply Pro, you’re not just getting another pretty face.

Simply Pro is based on the Genesis Framework, which means it looks great on all devices, all screen sizes, all the time.  Folks can take your website on the go, because it will still look amazing, whether you choose to use a service like AMP or not.  Then you’ve got the updates.  You know, WordPress itself is constantly updating and Genesis Framework is updated just as frequently, to ensure your site and your blog continue to perform as expected.  That’s a big, big advantage of a Genesis child theme, it’s always going to be perfectly up to date, no matter what.  Staying up to date with the freshest versions of any plugin or framework is always a fantastic idea.

This Simply Pro theme is definitely among my favorites, it’s simple but stylish, it’s easy to use but has enough options you can tweak to really get the look and features you want your site to have.

So, there you have it.  I’ll say this, these Genesis Framework themes aren’t the cheapest things around.  More importantly, what do you think about this theme?  Would you like to see more Genesis framework child themes like Simply Pro?  Or is the price point too high?  I’m torn, the themes look great but they are pretty expensive.  Let me know what you think.

Third Party Theme

This is a third party theme, which means it is has been developed by and is supported by Bloom Blog Shop.

Custom Page Templates

Choose from a selection of pre-made templates to build your site: Default, Archives, and Blog.

Theme Customizer

The theme customizer allows you to tweak the theme’s settings, colors, background images, and content and see a preview of those changes in real time.

Widget Areas

Build up your site with 1 homepage and 1 site wide widget area that you can customize to fit your brand

Customizable Header

Upload your own logo with the press of a button. Full support for text-based logos for those just getting started.

Mobile Responsive

This theme is mobile responsive, meaning your website will be perfectly optimized for every browser, device, and screen size.

Simply Pro Theme Plus the Genesis Framework

The Simply Pro Theme includes the following functions:

  • color styles
  • custom background
  • custom header
  • HTML5 markup
  • mobile responsive
  • theme customizer
  • theme options
  • layout options: right sidebar, left sidebar, full width

Okay, that’s that.  We’ll be back with more before you know it.

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WordPress Themes Showcase Pro, Marketing, Creative Agency and Portfolio Theme Agency, Creative, Genesis

Theme It has posted a review of Showcase Pro, Marketing, Creative Agency and Portfolio Theme

This is Showcase Pro, a great looking Genesis Framework child theme and it’s going to knock your socks off with delightful design, amazing features, really reliable performance and a dancing pony.

Okay, I’m lying about the pony, but the rest is completely true.

Showcase Pro WordPress theme

Simple, smart design.  So far, so good.

Showcase Pro is a modern, glorious, simple and stunningly creative WordPress Genesis Framework child theme that focuses all of your reader’s attention on the thing that truly matters, your amazing content, whether it’s written or visual.  Showcase Pro can handle it.  The tagline says ‘Make an impact, beautifully’ and that’s a great way of putting it, in my opinion.  Showcase Pro is bold, dynamic and beautiful.  Showcase Pro is a Genesis Framework child theme, which means it’s super user friendly and incredibly feature rich.  Genesis is a wonderful platform for building a great site, no matter the topic and Showcase Pro proves that.  Showcase Pro is a third party theme, but it’s completely supported by StudioPress and JT Grauke.  With live theme customizer, multiple widget areas, customizable headers and a wonderfully responsive layout, Showcase Pro could be an ideal theme for any creative website or freelance designer.

Let’s see Showcase Pro in action, shall we?

Ann Byrn Showcase Pro WordPress Theme Sample 1


That’s the site of best selling cookbook author Anne Byrn, built on the Showcase Pro WordPress theme.  Looks fantastic, they clearly spent some time putting this site together, which is what a great web designer should do, but it’s not always what they do.  A great web designer will have a refined touch.  So, I guess we can mark this one down as working well for a recipe, cooking and food blog site, right?   For more WordPress recipe blog themes, try our collection.

Agilibility Showcase Pro Sample v2


And that’s Agilibility, a marketing company from Knoxville, Tennessee.  Don’t ask why a Tennessee marketing company has chosen to have a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge on their front page, I have no clue.  But that’s not really the point, the site looks great, I think Showcase Pro is a solid choice for a wide range of sites.  Looks like they do 360° marketing videos among some other stuff.  Here’s a look at their portfolio.  Pretty cool, right?  Are you looking for video themes for WordPress?  Is that how you found us?  Video?  Try our collection.

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WordPress Themes Infinity Pro, Fullscreen WordPress Photographers and Writers Theme Fullscreen, Genesis, Minimalist

Theme It has posted a review of Infinity Pro, Fullscreen WordPress Photographers and Writers Theme

This is Infinity Pro, another amazing WordPress theme for the Genesis Framework.  Genesis is a rock solid framework that allows your site to load quickly, to look great on every device and browser and it gives you an incredible set of tools for building your business rapidly and with ease.  That’s a pretty good start, right?  I think so.

Infinity Pro Fullscreen WordPress business theme

What kinds of features should a WordPress business theme have?  Well, I think that flexibility in terms of layout and design is important.  Luckily, Infinity Pro allows you to customize your site to suit your brand.  Another key component is that your site should be responsive, so it looks great even on mobile devices and works properly no matter what browser your readers use to access your site.  Infinity Pro does all of that and more.

The best WordPress themes for small businesses should all have a flexible, feature rich admin panel for customizing your site the way you want it to be customized.  Infinity Pro does that.

A great WordPress business theme better offer WooCommerce support too.  Again, Infinity Pro has you covered with a stylish, minimalist shopping cart and all the features that go along with WooCommerce.  Don’t forget the extensions and addons available with WooCommerce.  Set up an affiliate marketing site, add support for multiple payment gateways, add shipping options, automatically tweet your product as you add them to your site, add table rate shipping, add extra product options, add multiple filters to your products, edit products in bulk and even sell digital downloads and subscriptions.  With Infinity Pro, you can do all of that and plenty more, just add some extensions.

If you’re in the market for more great minimalist WordPress themes, try this.  Or for additional fullscreen themes, we’ve got another great collection to peruse.  No matter what theme you choose, if you see it here, it’s of the highest quality, full featured with amazing support, no matter what.  We take pride in selecting only the very best of the best.  Anyway, that’s enough for now.

Here are a couple examples of folks using the Infinity Pro theme for their websites.  Abby Malone is a photographer.

Abby Malone Photography WordPress theme

Nice work with this theme.  Check out her full site here:  www.abbymalone.com

Michelle Woodward WordPress theme site

And Michele Woodward is a writer, doing freelance articles and copywriting as well as podcasts and eLearning, she’s like a life coach.  So, Infinity Pro works for a blog too, I guess.  Her full site is here: michelewoodward.com

If you do choose to use Infinity Pro, we’d love to see what you do with it.  Let us know in the comments.

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WordPress Theme Collections WordPress Genesis Framework Themes, StudioPress Child Themes Genesis, StudioPress

Theme It has posted a review of WordPress Genesis Framework Themes, StudioPress Child Themes

Welcome to our big, bold, comprehensive collection of WordPress Genesis Framework themes.  Each and every one of these themes requires the Genesis Framework, but I honestly believe it’s worth every penny of the purchase price.

The Genesis Framework runs $59.95, but it’s absolutely the best framework around.  Awesome SEO, incredible speed, fantastic designs, that’s all very important and it happens to be what Genesis is best at.  With any one of these themes, you can create a site that’s cheetah fast, coded properly and your website is guaranteed to look great on all devices, since they’re natively repsonsive.

From personal or lifestyle blogging, business sites and magazines, even setting up very own your own online shop. We are always adding fresh and astonishing WordPress Genesis Framework Themes for this group, so stay tuned for more amazing themes.

Glam Pro

Glam Pro WordPress feminine blog theme glamourous

Glam Pro is a stunning, feminine WordPress blog theme with a great design that produces actual interest in your articles, from blog articles to portfolios. The focus is squarely in your articles, which is definitely where it belongs. There are a whole lot of different themes that seem like Glam Pro, however this one is a distinctive blend of amazing user-friendly layout and flexibility that is fantastic. A characteristic packed Genesis Framework child theme like Glam pro is completely packed with versatility and attributes which could make your website great and because it’s a child theme, you can upgrade to the latest version of WordPress without any fear that your website will crack, since Genesis is updated so often. While I really like the feminine design of the theme, what I really enjoy is the capability of Glam Pro to be customized and tweaked for any sort of website with just about any functionality you require it to possess. Glam Pro is even WooCommerce ready, which means that you may craft an internet store to sell your products.

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Aspire Pro

Aspire Pro WordPress entrepreneurs business theme

Aspire Pro is a daring, eye catching WordPress theme which has a high influence design, ideal for private blogs or even a resumé, the designs are clear and clean, the layout is flat style and powerful using easy navigation and amazing typography, which makes a perfect framework for graphics or written material. This wonderful Genesis Framework child theme is completely full of features that make your website great and because Aspire Pro is a child theme, any upgrades to WordPress will seamlessly integrate with your website and never violate anything. That creates reassurance. Having a great purely responsive layout, Aspire Pro looks fantastic on all apparatus, regardless of what size and regardless of what browser your viewers select. One other excellent feature that’s provided by Aspire Pro, it is WooCommerce ready. That usually means establishing a terrific store does not need to charge you an arm and a permit, it is possible to do everything together with the free WooCommerce plugin. Live customizer, purely responsive design, multiple article formats, a stunning blog. What can not Aspire Pro perform?

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Interior Pro

Interior Creative WordPress Theme

Interior Pro is a wonderful theme that lets you construct a showcase for all of your articles, whether we’re talking about blog articles or picture galleries. Regardless of the topic of your site, Interior Pro is a superb theme.  It looks great, it works well for all kinds of posts, products and pages.  Interior Pro perfectly frames everything you produce.

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Hello Pro

Hello Pro Personal Branding Theme for WordPress

Hi Pro is an amazing looking resumé and private branding theme, it is a great way to exhibit your abilities, your expertise and your own private brand. In the end, a WordPress theme may be good calling card and if you select a good one such as Hello Pro, you are absolutely sure to create an outstanding first impression. With Hi Pro, you receive an incredible Genesis Framework theme which can help achieve your aims of presenting your skills and restart using a high level of professionalism. Hello Pro provides multiple page designs in addition to multiple post designs, you can alter just about any setting on the theme from fonts to colours to more. For branding yourself, branding a little agency, making an amazing curriculum vitae website or for individual blogging, Hello Pro is an excellent way to present yourself to a broader audience.

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Milan Pro

Milan WordPress fashionable magazine theme

Milan Pro is a daring, flat style and lovely WordPress magazine theme that gives your website a distinctive and unmistakable design, with exceptionally visual navigation, graphics that actually help tell the story and it is a very forward thinking theme for almost any kind of magazine, whatever the topic accessible. Milan Pro is a wonderful theme for your Genesis Framework, so it is completely secure, bug free and it’ll look great on each and every apparatus, thanks to it is purely responsive design. Genesis child themes like Milan imply that any upgrade to WordPress will not break your website, so less maintenance has to be performed on your website. It is possible to focus on generating content, the secret to a successful magazine. I truly adore the highly visual design and the daring typographical design straight from the box but as a result of this dwell customizer, all of this may be swtched out when the layout does not fit your preference or your website’s branding.

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Maker Pro

Maker Pro WordPress Blog Theme


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Wellness Pro

Wellness Pro WordPress Health Blog and Parallax Theme


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Brunch Pro

Brunch Pro minimalist WordPress recipe blog theme


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Smart Passive Income Pro

Smart Passive Income WordPress Business and Marketing Theme


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Market Pro

Market Pro Feminine WordPress Genesis blog theme


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Jessica Pro WooCommerce theme for Genesis Framework


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Simply Pro

Simply Pro WordPress minimalist Themes


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Divine Pro

Divine Pro WordPress recipe and general purpose theme


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Pretty Creative Pro

Pretty Creative Pro WordPress theme for creatives


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Pretty Chic Pro

Pretty Chic Pro WordPress feminine Genesis theme


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Atmosphere Pro

Atmosphere Pro WordPress minimal blog template


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Workstation Pro

WorkStation WordPress minimal minimalist theme

Workstation Pro is a creative theme for freelancers and small studios or design firms.

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Whitespace Pro

Whitespace boxed WordPress minimal blogging theme


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Ambiance Pro

Ambience WordPress grid portfolio and blog theme


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Remobile Pro

Remobile WordPress responsive blog theme


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Author Pro

Author Pro WordPress writers blog theme

Author Pro is a WordPress theme that was specifically crafted for writers, whether it’s bloggers, novelists, authors or poets.

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Altitude Pro

Altitude Pro WordPress creative fullscreen theme


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No Sidebar Pro

No Sidebar WordPress minimalist Blogging Theme


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Modern Studio Pro

Modern Studio Minimalist Creative Agency Theme


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Foodie Pro

Foodie Pro WordPress recipe blog and food blog


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Daily Dish Pro

Daily Dish WordPress recipe blog theme simple clean


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Minimum Pro

Minimum Pro WordPress minimalist blog theme


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Agent Press Pro

AgentPress Pro WordPress real estate property sales theme


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Centric Pro

Centric Full Screen App Theme for WordPress


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Beautiful Pro

Beautiful Pro WordPress feminine blogging theme


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Wintersong Pro

Wintersong Minimalist WordPress blog theme


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Elegance Pro

Elegance WordPress Photography Theme


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Juliette WordPress portfolio themes


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WordPress Themes Monochrome Pro, Minimalist Black and White WordPress Theme Genesis, Landing Page, Minimalist, WooCommerce

Theme It has posted a review of Monochrome Pro, Minimalist Black and White WordPress Theme

Monochrome Pro WordPress minimalist theme

Simple and powerful, it’s a hard balance to strike but Monochrome Pro tries to strike the correct balance with an incredibly simple layout and enough features that you’ll be able to use this theme for nearly any sort of website.  If you want your online presence to be strong, substantial and robust, yet incredibly user friendly and intuitive for front and back end users alike, then Monochrome Pro may be a great fit.

For more about minimalism, check out this site.  It’s a pretty good read on the subject.

monochrome pro landing page theme

That’s Monochrome pro’s landing page example page, it gets all the information out there in a stylish, simple, clean and user friendly way.  Since Monochrome Pro is responsive, it looks great on all devices.  And with WooCommerce under the hood, you can sell any sort of product that can be sold in the internet, from digital downloads to handcrafted items, SEO services to electronics.  You get the idea, whatever you want to do, Monochrome Pro gives a really solid framework and it’s a simple, attractive platform to achieve your goals.  We’ve included Monochrome Pro in our collection of landing page themes.  For more landing page themes, check out our collection.

Monochrome Pro includes a ton of great functionality


  • accessibility ready
  • custom headers available
  • eCommerce ready
  • clean HTML5 markup, up to date code
  • premade landing page, attractive and professional
  • simple, attractive pricing page
  • mobile responsive for all devices
  • theme customizer for ultimate control
  • theme options panel for fine tuning settings
  • translation ready for any language, even RTL
  • left sidebar layout, right sidebar layout and full width layout available

There are a ton more elements and functions with Monochrome Pro.  Why not click below and take it for a spin. If it’s not quite what you had in mind, we’ve got a collection of minimalist WordPress themes you might enjoy.


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